Very often than not, OOH creatives are adaptations. They are not developed keeping the medium in mind. This brings down the overall effectiveness of the medium, we at BAM keep a very keen eye to customize accordingly for outdoor - such as proper image, bigger fonts balance.
Advertising expenditure in the outdoor media market, such as billboards and transit advertising, is set to soar this year, clocking 15 per cent growth year on year.
In 2017, the OOH market in India grew by 6 per cent and now stands at ₹3,085 crore. While retail topped the list of spenders on OOH, the telecom sector recorded the highest growth in OOH advertising; courtesy the high-voltage launch of Reliance Jio.
The Latest Trends, Product Portfolio, Demographics, Geographical segmentation, and Regulatory Framework of the Out of Home Market is also an important aspect of OOH market in India.
Integration of outdoor advertising and brand placement, along with the rest of marketing strategy, continues to work in the digital age.
According to AC Nielsen, outdoor advertising is the most effective non-digital medium for generating online activity.